An Apology from a Chronic Gambler

To all my blogging friends, I apologize for the long lay-off.  Just so you know, I did write a blog on the eve of the election, but never go around to posting it in a timely fashion, so I scrapped it.  But I’m back and I hope you haven’t abandoned me.

Let me explain.  My brain can’t “go creative” in 2 separate directions at the same time.  When I’m working on a book, the subject of that book has my entire focus.  While writing it, I eat, sleep, dream it.  Everything else except for Richard and food gets tabled.  (Like that pun?) So to avoid such long gaps in my postings I am going to share portions of what I am learning on the topic with you.  I hope you’ll enjoy reading behind the scenes of my giving birth to book.

The gestation period for this one I am temporarily calling, THE ROMANCE OF SALVATION: THE MYSTIQUE BETWEEN GOD AND HIS DARLING DAUGHTERS has been six long years.  Back in 1996 I proposed a book idea to several publishers, which was rejected by same publishers.  So I packed my research in a file box and tucked it away in favor of books that were more interesting to the same publishers.  Periodically since, I’ve hauled out the material, dusted it off and attempted again to write it only to be diverted to another project that I believe God sent my way.

Ecclesiastes 3 KJV assures me, “To everything there is a season and a time to every purpose under the heaven.” Neither the time nor the topic until now.  ROMANCE has evolved from a light little romp through the lives of 7 women in the Word to some pretty heady research.  Now  a publisher is willing to give it a look-see.  He’s also giving me a deadline–December 1. Yikes!  I”m typing my little fingerprints off!

The other day I realized a look-see is not a sale.  (When it comes to taking chances, writers are right up there it Las Vegas gamblers and farmers–always betting on the long shot.)  What if, in the end, it’s rejected????  I will have wasted so much time for naught.  And then my Friend, the Holy Spirit impressed me.  “Kay, have you learned anything about God and His love for you in your study?  Has your discoveries enriched your life?”  I had to answer yes to both questions.  As I write my blogs over the next few weeks, I hope you will develop a new and refreshed appreciation of the Father’s relentless love for His kids.  If you do, please let me know.

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