Dumber than Dumb

A knife -wielding crook flees the store he’d just robbed when his pants fall down.  He then trips over a fire hydrant and knocks himself out.  Source: The Fortean Times Book of Inept Crimes

In Cardiff, Wales a 29-year-old decides to rob a local post office.  He purchased gloves and a mask but forgot to use them.  The man took 15,000 pounds but his arms were so full he couldn’t open the door.  He asked two children to hold the door for him.  They did and jotted down his license plate number.  But his woes continued when he got stuck in traffic, abandoned the car and hopped a train to a nearby town where he checked into a hotel using a fake name.  As he asked if he could put a large sum of money into the hotel safe, he told the clerk,” If the police ask for me, tell them I’m not here.” When captured by the police he told them to put on his arrest form that his occupation was an “armed robber.” Source: The Portland Oregonian

In Ypsilante, Michigan a man failed to rob a Burger King because the clerk told him he couldn’t open the cash register without a food order.  So the man ordered onion rings.  Then the clerk told him onion rings weren’t available for breakfast.  The frustrated robber threw his hands up in the air, turned and left.  Source: A Treasury of Police Humor.

How stupid can you get!  I’ll bet their mothers would be so proud!  It always amazes me when I read about the wild-eyed stupidity of  wanna’ be criminals.  If they’d only use their God-given creativity for good, imagine how the world would benefit?  And then I remember Romans 3:23 “All have sinned and come short of the glory of God.”  That includes me and the myriad of stupid sins I commit.  I don’ t have to rob a Burger King or a post office.  My picture is already posted on the rogues’ gallery of stupid criminals.

I feel Paul’s frustration when he wrote in Romans 7:15 NIV,  “I don’t understand what I do.  For what I want to do, I do not.  And what I do not want to do I do…this I keep on doing. … It is sin living in me.”  He adds that my only hope is in Christ Jesus.  In the Savior there is no condemnation.  The Holy Spirit can set me free–saint and sinner.  Wow!  Freed from the dumb and dumber cycle of my sins and granted [daughtership] into the family of God.  Though I stumble and fall, Abba Father is there to pick me up, heal my bruised and bleeding knees, steady me on my feet and set me back on the path He’s chosen for me.

I laugh at how dumb some dishonest souls can be but how dumb am I if, knowing God’s grace and forgiveness are available to me 24/7, and then, blissfully ignoring it!  That would be dumber than dumb.


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