What if?

Three days ago we received a warning that our electricity would be off on Friday from 8-2 p.m.  As we rushed around this morning making certain everything was in order before we left the house to go exercise and hang-out at the health spa, I thought of the discomfort I would feel if I had to stay in my house all day on 90′ temperatures.  Then I thought about the pioneers who settled California’s Central Valley and endured high temperatures, day after day, from May to September.  And I said, “Thank you, dear God for creating air-conditioning.”  (Well, He did since He created the person who made it happen.)

Yesterday I saw a quote on facebook which said, “What if you woke up today with only the blessings you thanked God for yesterday?”  How comfortable would my life be today?  I take His gifts of love so for-granted, as if the abundance in my life is my right, my entitlement.  But they’re not.  They can be gone in an instant.  Just ask the people of Louisiana this evening.  Yet, person after person interviewed said, “We lost everything, but we’re just glad to be alive.”  Kind of puts one’s life into perspective.  1 Thessalonians 5:18 NIV “Give thanks in all things…” I think I need to take time to say thank you for more of my conveniences more often.  What if I did?

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