Mirror, Mirror

The mirror in my bathroom stretches from the shower stall to the water closet, a good eight feet or more, illuminating every flaw, wrinkle and blob I’ve ever had or even imagined.  Like a Supreme Court legislator, it passes judgement on me each and every morning.  With my hair standing up on end I challenge the concept that I was made in the image of God.  Hardly!  More like a cheap knockoff of the wicked witch of the West–guarantee to terrify toddlers, kittens and miniature poodles!  I can’t imagine the Creator of the Universe ever had “bed-hair” or sagging jowls or the start of a double chin, or…or…  I am so very far from God’s vision of perfect womanhood.  He should have stopped with Eve.

Does any of my rant sound familiar?  You bet your booties!  I don’t know about you guys, but ladies, fess up!  The world programs us to dislike ourselves. How would Madison Avenue sell their teeth whitener and facial creams if they couldn’t make us feel in adequate?  We color our hair to hide our age; stuff our bodies into Spanx to hide our bulges; and  hobble around on spike heels to impress others.  All we’re actually saying is, “Please like me.”   Author Susan Jeffers wrote, “I want you to remove that post-it note that says, ‘I want you to like me.’ from your forehead and place it where it will truly do something good–on your bathroom mirror.”

When God says, “I love you with an everlasting love,” (Jeremiah 31:3 KJV) do you believe Him? Everlasting means forever and ever, not just when you’re all decked out for an evening on the town but on your bad hair days too.  His love never changes.  God designed you to be a perfect ten, 24/7, “a woman of incredible worth.” Beverly Graham Stickler wrote.   “So if the Creator is of incredible worth and He created us in His image then we must be of incredible worth as well.”  Remember a ten dollar bill holds its value no matter how wrinkled, grimy and faded it becomes.  The same is true for you and for me.  With God our value never, ever changes.  We are women and men of incredible worth!  So stick the post-it note on your mirror and read it allowed every morning until the Creator’s image is reflecting back at you.



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