God’s in the Monster-saving Business

A cheer arose from the crowd outside the courthouse.  If I’d been there I would have cheered as well.  A “monster” had been found guilty; a child molester had been taken off the streets.  The guilty man, his eyes glazed over from shock, walked handcuffed between a police officer and his lawyer to a waiting police cruiser.  As a mother and grandmother I thought of several “just desserts” for the monster who damaged the lives of numerous little boys. My cures went far beyond a simple life sentence.  And then a familiar text popped into my head.

“For God so loved Jerry Sandusky that He sacrificed His only Son that Jerry should not perish but have life eternal.” John 3:16 Rizzo para.  A endlessly loving God gave Mr. Sandusky time to face and deal with his demons.  When he failed to do so, God upped the ante.  Such an example of love and compassion.  Such an offering of forgiveness and grace, if he wants to accept it.  God can save monsters!

I remember reading a story about the king of a small Middle Eastern country who, for several years, took what he wanted when he wanted to take it.  He could for he was a king.  When the king lusted after another man’s wife and took her to his bed, the servants and advisors in the castle knew about it, but did nothing.  After all, he was king of the court [or college sports program].  Who would dare blow the whistle on him?  And God sent Nathan…  You know the rest of the story.  David had to face his sins and ask for forgiveness.  Regardless of God’s forgiveness and His grace, David paid a bitter price for his actions and subsequent cover-up.

Does it infuriate you that this monster’s sins can be forgiven as easily as yours?  as mine?  I can accept it intellectually, but emotionally, hardly.   I’ve felt the residual pain from such trauma.  So what about the victims?  While they’ve survived to tell the story, how do they overcome the lingering horrors of their injuries?  Can they ever forgive?  Can their scars truly heal?  Statistics say one in three girls is sexually molested;  one in six boys.  That’s a lot of healing to be done.

On a church sign in town it says, “God fixes broken hearts.  To do it He needs ALL the pieces.”  Whether you’ve been abused or injured by another, whatever the circumstances that causes you pain, letting go of your hurts and scars can only happen as you embrace forgiveness.  I know from experience.

Zephaniah 3:17 says God is mighty to save.  That means more than strong enough to save even the worst of sinner, the word also means, eager, like a fire-horse upon hearing the alarm.  He’s chomping at the bit to save you; to save me, to save each of those precious injured children; and to save Jerry Sandusky.  Without God we’re all monsters!  But rejoice!  Our God is in the monster-saving business.

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