Happy Father’s Day

To say I was blessed with a great dad goes without saying.  I knew I could count on him to always be there for me; to laugh with me and cry with me, to love me as I was.  I miss him.  Fortunately I married a man who possesses the same qualities.  He is my greatest earthly treasure.  I attribute my “find” to my Heavenly Father’s intercession in my life.  Thanks Dad!

A few years back a major greeting card company decided to give Mother’s Day cards to the inmates at a federal prison so they could send one to their moms.  The inmates eagerly accepted the offer.  Because of the success of the program the greeting card people offered the same deal for Father’s Day. The inmates literally rioted in fury. No takers!

Dads are important.  After giving a survey to his congregation, a pastor in Washington discovered people who had great dads also had a great view of their Heavenly Father;  those who had no father or an absentee father, pictured God as being distant and uninterested in them;  And the last third (it did divide in thirds) who have a bad relationship with a father who was hurtful, demanding, and harsh, saw God, the Father, in the same light.  So today, if you had a great dad, be thankful.  If your dad wasn’t there for you or if he was harsh and demanding, know that God, the Father, says, “Be born again.”  This time around you will have the perfect Dad to love you, care for you and help all those childhood wounds to heal.

“Sing to God, sing praise to His name…[He is] a Father to the fatherless…”  Psalm 68:4,5.  NIV

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