Founding Fathers

In this political climate we hear a lot about our country’s founding fathers–Washington, Jefferson, Lincoln, et. al.  But here are a few less sung heroes you might enjoy knowing:      * Geoffrey Keebler:  a baker in Philadelphia, began producing and selling the first cookies and crackers in 1853.

*Joseph Campbell: opened a canning factory, making jellies and jams in 1869.  His tomato soup didn’t come off the line until 1897.

*John M. Van Heusen developed a way to weave on the curve in 1920 and revolutionized the shirt industry by producing men’s shirts with attached collars.

*Carl Jantzen, part owner of the Portland Knitting Mill developed the first elasticizeds swimsuit for the Portland Rowing Club in 1910.

* from Uncle John’s Gigantic Bathr0om Reader 2006.

Whether famous of otherwise, we choose to honor our fathers today not for what they’ve done for us but because they are our fathers.  Exodus 20:12 NIV  “Honor your father an your mother so that you may live long in the lag the Lord your God is giving you.”

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