First Day in Heaven

An old gospel quarter number sang of what one’s first day in heaven will be like.  My number one desire will be to meet Jesus as He returns form me.  After a week-long bon voyage party–destination heaven,  I can only imagine how excited my Savior will be as He leads me through those shining gates of pearl into the Heavenly city.  As a child, I imagined I’d want to slide down the nearest giraffe’s neck and ride on the back of a cheetah.  As a young adult, I dreamed of holding my three lost babies in my arms for the first time.  Today, as a grandma, I would still be exited to hold my little ones close, but I am sure my imagination has more than likely regressed to the astonishment of a young child.

The first wonder for me will be the blinding array of colors–colors I’ve never before seen.  When I was in second grade I had a box of 8 crayons.  A first grader named Billy came to school with a box of 64 crayons.  I was amazed that there were so many colors from which to choose and enjoyed using them  until his mother told me never to borrow Billy’s crayons again.  Sadly I returned to my 8 crayon box.  I can only imagine God’s limitless crayon box in His flower gardens alone.

The second wonder will be the unusual sounds I hear–musical notes that tantalize, exhilarate, lift me to heights of grander I can only imagine.  Listen up Mozart, Beethoven, Stevie Wonder and John Williams.  Are you ever in for a treat!

The third wonder for me  will be when a bevy of giggling angels whisk me away to heaven’s tailor shop for a final fitting of my wedding attire designed for me by my Bridegroom.  When I emerge from the dressing room wearing my diamond-studded designer gown, even Vera Wang will ooh and ah in amazement.

My Bridegroom will lead me by the arm to the banquet hall, bedecked with streamers of spun gold, festooned with orchids, roses and blossoms I’ve never before imagined.  The birds will fall silent when the musicians burst into song, a processional worthy of a King. In the center of the hall, a long silver table will glimmer before my eyes in the presence of the Son.  He will lead me to the head of the table where His Father awaits beneath a lattice archway.  There, my Beloved will place my hand in His to seal our vows after which our Father will place His eternal blessing on us and our union.

Yeah, that’s what I imagine about my first day in heaven.  How about you? What will your’s be like?

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