Be Free!

Isabelle Van Wagener tried to convince the U.S. Congress to form a “Negro state” on public lands in the West.  She petitioned her Congressmen; visited the Capitol; talked to anyone who would listen, but to no avail.   Today the idea of moving every person of color to Montana or Idaho would be considered racist.  But not in the 1860’s and not to Isabelle Van Wagener.  Isabelle, better known as Sojourner Truth, spent her life fighting for freedom.  She’d been sold four times before she successfully escaped north along the Underground Railroad.

Once the U.S. abolished slavery she championed women’s rights, traveling by horse and buggy, train and stagecoach, from town to town throughout the Eastern United States, preaching freedom and fairness for all.

However her true freedom came when she met the Savior.   He freed her soul of all the anger and hatred she’d harbored toward white men and what they’d  done to her.  This encounter broadened the feisty, little woman’s message to one of preaching Eternal salvation.  Finally she’d found total freedom in Jesus, one that no man could steal from her and no government could outlaw.  “I run in the paths of Your commands, for You have set my heart free.” Psalm 119:32 NIV

The freedom Isabelle finally found can be mine 150 years hence.  Regardless of where or how proverbial iron chains of have restricted my mind and body, my soul is free–guaranteed in Jesus.

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