Cut It Out!

In Ohio a young man walked into a police station with a 9 inch wire protruding out of his forehead and calmly asked the desk sergeant to x-ray his head.  “I can’t find my brain.  I think it’s been stolen.”  It seems the man drilled a 6-inch hole in his own skull and probed the hole with a wire in search of his brain.  After a visit to the nearest ER he was admitted to a psychiatric hospital of evaluation.

Crazy, you might say.  But would he have been any less or more crazy if he’d tried to replace his damaged heart with a new one?  Any self respecting brain or heart surgeon would never consider do-it-yourself surgery.  It’s just plain crazy!  Yet I know people much less skilled with a scalpel who do just that.  They believe they must “clean up their act” before being accepted by their Savior–the equivalent of do-it-yourself surgery.

David, who was declared to be a “man after God’s own heart” had done it all and seen it all.  He knew he was a dirty, rotten, scoundrel!  Long before heart transplants were conceived, he knew he needed help.  In Psalm 51:10 LB he wrote, “Create in me a clean heart, O God, filled with clean thoughts and right desires.”

I too know that Jesus Christ, the Master Surgeon, is the only One who can shovel out all the selfish, nasty things cluttering my brain, and while He’s at it  give me a spanking new heart.  How about you?  Are you’re still trying to clean up your act before coming to Jesus, by performing a do-it-yourself heart transplant or brain surgery?  Well, cut it out!  Better yet, give Him the scalpel.  Let Him cut it out!

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