Orange-winged Sea Gulls

Seventy-five years ago, ornithologists in Northern California sighted a new species of sea gulls, birds with orange tipped wings.  The head of the local society reported their sighting to the national organization of ornithologists along with several photographs.  I can almost imagine the excitement the first bird enthusiast must have felt at his discovery.  I wonder if he imagined the creature would be named after him.

The national bird men came out to the Bay area to see the phenomenon for themselves.  Unfortunately, on closer investigation, it was discovered the gulls with orange on their wings were plain old sea gulls.  The orange came from the men working on the Golden Gate Bridge.  As the gulls circled below the workers, eating their lunches atop the giant girders, made bets as to which of them could leave a dollop of paint on a bird’s wing.

It’s kind of like visiting a “fun house” and having the exhibits play tricks with your eyes.  What seems so real, is often nothing more than an illusion.    Whether believing a politician’s spin on events, or facing the confusion of life’s challenges, it is easy to be fooled.  Things aren’t always what they seem.  Religious hucksters try to do the same. That’s why one’s traditional beliefs and religious convictions must be examined in the light of truth–Biblical truth.  Ultimately frauds and imaginings will be revealed.  Only the truth will not change.  John, the beloved, wrote in John 5:39 KJV, “Search the scriptures , for in them ye think ye have eternal life;  and they are which testify of Me.”

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