Pity My Poor Paw

To all my gazillions of faithful blog readers. (Ha ha)  I’ve been off line over the holiday weekend, not to celebrate but to give my poor right paw a much need rest from tendonitis, (an occupational hazard for writers).  But that didn’t slow down my ideas for blogs. Today I’m trying to resume my writing routine and my stream of blogs.

Remember the assignment I gave in my last blog?  Repeating the words of Psalm 136, “His love never quits” let’s take it a step further.  Beginning with verse 10, paraphrase the chapter either by inserting your personal blessings and/or tribulations. Or in honor of America’s Memorial Day heroes, insert national events.  Be sure to end each line with “His love never quits.”  It’s easy. Go creative today.  Give it a try.

Here’s a national example:  (vs.14) to Him who brought America through 9/11–His love never quits!  A personal example could be:  To Him who brought joy back into my heart after the loss of our son–His love never quits. You will find your own words will bless you.  For a double blessing share all or part of your paraphrases with a friend.  Go ahead, I double dare you.  I’m sharing my masterpiece with my hubby Richard.  So don’t pity my poor paw.  Even tendonitis can remind me of God’s unending love.

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