So Many Ways to Say I love You

This blog is for all bloggers who, like me, enjoy words, especially the sounds of words.  For instance I like saying aloud “hyperbole.” I like the way it feels as it rolls off my tongue.  Another word the pleases my palate is, Atascadero.  You might have others that are your favorites.  But there is a phrase we all enjoying hearing–I love you.   Years ago, Sandi Patti’s “Love in Any Language,” illustrated the point.

God has said, “I love you” in so many ways.   This morning as I read aloud Psalm 136 again, I wanted to turn the chapter into a more personal love letter from my Beloved. Instead of saying, “His love never quits,” after each verse, I changed it to–“My love never quits!”  

The first three verses are the letter’s salutation or greeting. “Dear Kay, I deserve your thanks as the God of all gods and Lord of all lords, because, MY love never quits!”  Human love may falter, die, or fade away but MY love never quits.

Read verse 4 ending with, “My LOVE never quits,”  verses 5, 6, and 7 with “My love NEVER quits,” verses 8 and 9 with “My love never Quits.”  Next, read verses 10-16 repeating the phrase with passion in your voice.  Read verses 17-20, with “My love never quits,” in a loud, victorious voice.  Read verses 21-25 speaking the phrase in a gentle whisper, “My love never quits.” Finish off the chapter with the phrase spoken in joy and laughteryour personal thank you back to Him.  Thank You God, You did it all! Your love never quits.”  Dare to laugh aloud; to sing in or out of the showers. Dare to do a little jig around your kitchen table; to take a twirl on your front lawn; or sashay down the grocery store aisle; all to celebrate His incredible love for you that never quits.   




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