K*I*S*S–A Bounce House Blessing

Eleven-year-old Alec knows the secret to sharing Jesus with others.  K*I*S*S –keep it simple sweetie.  A few weekends ago Alec chose to make a public declaration of his faith in God.  He was baptized.  Before the pastor lowered him into the water, he asked Alec why he wanted to be baptized.  Alec said, “Because I want to a be like Jesus.”  The pastor again asked why and Alec replied without hesitation, “Because I want to go all over the world to tell people how much Jesus loves them.”  Simple message, not cluttered with doctrine or creed.

Alec wasted no time in launching his goals.  A few days ago, the family stopped at McDonald’s for a snack.  While his older brother and his parents ate in the restaurant, Alec went to play in the bounce house.  The family had long since finished their meal when Alec finally emerged from the play area.  When asked why he took so long, Alec said, “Oh, I just led a boy to Jesus.”

In the bounce house, a boy tried to bully Alec.  Instead of getting angry, Alec let him go ahead of him on the slide and ignored the boy’s bad behavior.  After several such slights, the boy asked Alec, “Why aren’t you mad at me?”  Alec replied, “Because Jesus lives in my heart.”

The boy screwed up his face.  “Huh?”  And Alec told him about how Jesus had made him a happier person.  The boy asked Alec how he could get this Jesus to live in his heart too.  And, standing in the middle of the MC Donald’s bounce house, one of God’s youngest missionaries led a hungry heart in the sinner’s prayer.

A blessing in a bounce house–who would have imagined what miracle was occurring that day?  While I’ll probably never bring someone to Jesus in the middle of a bounce house, I can apply Alec’s K*I*S*S to places I visit, like grocery stores, public libraries, etc.  Matthew 18:3 NIV  “unless you change and become like little children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven.”


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