On a Roll

Today I’m on a roll, a toilet paper roll.  Do you roll yours over or under?  Which is the correct way? In the 1970’s Archie Bunker on All in the Family was the first to mention toilet paper on TV.  He yelled at Meathead for hanging it the wrong way.

Advice columnist Ann Landers claimed this was the most controversial issue ever in her column–15,000 letters.  The makers of TP have done multiple surveys to determine which is best and why.  (If interested, go on Wikipedia to read their results.)  Reasons given for one’s preference range from aesthetics and cleanliness to economy and socio-economic status.  Supposedly, political liberals prefer rolling theirs over the top and conservatives under.

There seem to be two choices–right and wrong.  A friend of mine came up with a third.  She says her husband never replaces an empty roll.  He’s happy leaving it on the tank, hence a third option.

Why must someone always be right and those who think differently, be wrong?  What is it in the human psyche that demands to be affirmed of our beliefs?  And why must we strive to convince others of our righteousness, even over the roll of toilet paper?  We’re in the midst of a presidential battle which promises to divide good people further.  While there are important issues such as child hunger;  sex slavery for women, young boys and little girls in the U.S.; child and spousal abuse; disposal of non-cyclable garbage; job creation; repair our info structure; heal our economy.  The list goes on and on and on.

Instead of issues we separated ourselves from one another by “tissues”–which way the roll should go.  Personal preferences!  Cultural differences which have more to do with our own backgrounds than the candidates’.   Jesus talked about a “house divided against it self cannot stand.”  (Matt. 12:23, Mark 3:24, Luke 21:11.)

What wold happen if God’s people shed their strange little peccadilloes and habits like who’s right and who’s wrong about how the toilet paper should roll, in favor of unifying the house of the Lord under one banner–love?  Roll it under or over the top, loving one another is always right.,


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