Another Trip Around Murphy’s Barn

Sometimes I am a slow learner.  Lessons God taught me so many years ago I forget and have to take another trip around Murphy’s barn as my mother used to call the relearning process.  The other day I awoke feeling blah about myself.  After testing my overnight sugar level followed by a hop onto the bathroom scale and one revealing glance in the bathroom mirror confirmed my worst opinions of me.   Even my personal devotions failed to lift my spirits.   Instead of rejoicing over the good stuff, the great stuff in my life, I anguished over my human condition. “Woe is me!  Sigh!  Sigh!”

And then I walked to my “prayer” swing, sat down, leaned back and closed my eyes to pray.  “Father God, I am so hopeless.  Today I really don’t like me.  And I surely can’t understand why You continue to put up with me…”  I was on a roll, about to enumerate all the faults, foibles and foolish choices I’d made since my conception, when God interrupted.  “Kay, the joy of the Lord is your strength.” He followed with, “Rejoice in Me always…;  Give thanks to Me with a grateful heart; My grace is sufficient for you; Cast all your cares on Me for I care for you and My strength is made perfect in your weakness.”*

Wow!  If there were ever any question about the importance of setting scripture to memory, I was reminded again of the treasure chest of promises God gave me for such a time as that stormy gray morning.  That was the moment where God’s glory met my suffering; when my humanity was overcome by His majesty;  when the hurt in my heart collided with the Heavenly Healer.  That was when my burdens–real or imagined–became blessings in disguise, as one contemporary Christian song writer puts it.

Yeah, I again needed to learn the lesson that in and of myself I will never be strong enough, wise enough, pure enough to go it alone.  On this earth I will build up perpetual scabs on my elbows and knees from all of the literal and figurative tumbles I take chugging around Murphy’s barn.  But God’s love and mercy will always allow me to run dance and sing again in His grace.  And how quickly relief comes is up to me.

*Texts are paraphrases taken from my memory bank.


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