The Morning After

There’s always a morning after… Isn’t that what the old pop song says.  The phrase implies regret that follow stupid behavior.  If after getting smashed on mind altering drugs or too much booze at a party, and I awaken with a massive hangover, I will experience the regret of the morning after.  If I lose my self control and I awaken to find a stranger in my bed, or worse yet, discover I have an alphabet soup of  STD’s or learn I am pregnant, I’ll experience the full effect of the morning after.  The party will be over and results of my indiscretions may change my life forever.

There’s always a morning after… What was it like for Mary on Monday the morning after Jesus rose from the grave?  If the woman who visited Jesus’ tomb is the Mary scripture describes as a prostitute, as a fallen woman, Mondays had been a litany of morning afters and vain regrets for her.  And while additional coins jangled in her velvet purse, her soul would feel hollow.  But on this Monday, almost 2000 years ago, her heart would have been filled and about to burst.  She would have danced and twirled, her skirts swirling about her ankles  as she returned to her home in Bethany.  A bouquet of wild flowers would be clutched in her hands and a song of praise spilling from her lips.  Her face would be aglow with joy.  If anyone bothered to ask why she was so delighted, and maybe even if they didn’t, she wouldn’t be able to contain her excitement.  She would tell the world, “He’s alive.  I tell you my Beloved is alive.”

The fact that His followers doubted the Messiah’s resurrection, couldn’t shake her faith.  She knew her Lord was alive, just like He promised.  She’d seen him face to face.  He called out her name!  And no one could say “Mary,” like her Jesus said “Mary!”  She knew that her morning afters would never be the same again.

John 20:13-16 message paraphrase.  Jesus said, ‘Why do you weep?”  She thinking He was the gardener said, “Mister if you took Him, tell me where you put Him so I can care for Him.”  Jesus said, “Mary.” ….  Mary Magdalene went, telling the news to the disciples, “I saw the Master!”  

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