From Where I Sit

Dear Big Bro,

Thanks for not giving up.  When the people riled against You, You didn’t quit.  When the church elders tried to trick You with Your own words, you didn’t pack up your marbles and leave.  When You prayed for strength in the garden, You didn’t waver.  When Your beloved disciples slept instead of praying for You, you didn’t wash Your hands of them.  When  Judas betrayed you to the soldiers with a kiss, You didn’t cloth Yourself in darkness and slip away into the night.  When You were beaten and a crown of throne jammed into Your skull, You stood.  When they pounded the nails into Your flesh, You endured.  When Your Father was forced to turn His face away from You because of my sins,  You held fast.  Anguishing for hours in pain, You hung in there.  You didn’t give up, quit, run, hide, waver, decide it was all too difficult and not worth it.  All for me, a natural born quitter!  “For God so loved the world…me.” (John 3:16)

Trust me, from where I sit, mankind is a selfish, evil lot, deserving of total annihilation.   From where I sit, Your gift wasn’t worth it, not one minute of your anguish.  Had it been me suffering, dying for someone who would as well spit in my eye as to blink,  I wouldn’t have done it.  But then, I can’t comprehend Divine love–love so amazing that You, Your Father and the Holy Sprit love me so much that You’d rather make this incredible sacrifice because of my sins, than to live forever in a perfect world with me.  From where I sit, this gesture is so far outside my realm of thinking I can’t wrap my mind around it.  From where I sit, I just can’t understand, but I sure do love You for it.  Thanks Big Bro for being my Savior.

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