It’s Spring!!!

Today is the first day of spring.  (Wahoo!  The rains and storm clouds have moved toward the east. ) It’s a spectacular day of blue skies, puffy, white clouds, and gentle breezes.  As a child, I couldn’t understand why my mother’s favorite season was spring.  She said, “Springtime is when God makes all things new.”

But my mama didn’t wait for God to renew our little cottage on Sixth Avenue.  With the arrival of spring, she became a woman on a mission.  She donned her Mother Hubbard apron and attacked!  It meant throwing open all the windows and washing them until they sparkled; rolling up the living room carpet, carrying it into the backyard, and hanging it on the clothes line to be batted with a wicker thing-a-ma-jig until the dust cleared.  Every nook and cranny would be scrubbed free of all traces of winter; cobwebs would be eliminated, sending daddy longlegs fleeing for their lives; and panels of lace curtains would be washed and stretched on torturous, nail-studded wood frames to dry.  The bed pillows would be aired and the seams of throw pillows mended.  Though exhausted after my mother’s two-day marathon, I must confess the house smelled sweeter and looked brighter.  A vase filled with daffodils would occupy the center of her freshly polished mahogany dining room table.  Even the sofa in the parlor looked almost new.

Whenever I think of  the verse in Revelation 21:5, I think of springtime, my mom and God’s words, “Behold I will make all things new…These words are true and faithful.”

I look forward to the day when my Creator will make all things new–Eternal spring!


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