Let’s Do Lunch

Last week I received an invitation to enter a drawing to “do lunch” with the President.  Since I don’t live on the East Coast, I declined. Instead on that very day, I did “lunch” with the King of Kings.  Yeah, I did–really!  As Richard and I headed into our favorite locally-owned restaurant for a bite of lunch, I noticed a shabbily dressed man slowly walking back and forth in front of the establishment.  We ordered our food and sat at a table near the door.  The same man entered, bought a cup of coffee,  sat down at a table across the aisle from us and began reading a discarded copy of the local newspaper.

When our hot, juicy and deliciously aromatic order arrived we eagerly began to eat.  But, as I looked at the man seated at the nearby table, I instinctively knew the coffee was all he could afford to order.  Somehow the tasty tortilla didn’t slide down as easily as it had previously.  Reaching in my purse, I handed Richard a $10.00 bill. (Understand I am of the generation when $10.00 was a lot of money!).  At the same time the Holy Spirit was impressing my hubby with the same urge.  “Here, ask that man if he’s hungry and give this to him.”  My hubby is gregarious to a  fault and did as I asked.  The stranger eagerly accepted the bill and rushed to the counter to place his order.  A woman at an adjoining table watched the exchange and sneered.  But that’s OK with me.  While I wasn’t dining with a President or the Speaker of the House, or a Supreme Court Judge, on that day, I dined with Jesus.  Hey, what could be a greater honor and privilege?  Since that day I’ve greeted Jesus all over town, on street corners, in grocery store parking lots, outside my favorite fast food joints.

Sometimes the words of Matthew 25 are disparaged or misinterpreted by many Christians as to mean we should help programs for the homeless.  Give to your church; Donate to the local rescue mission, et.al.  And this is good we should help relieve needs in every way we can.  This is how we send our “wealth” ahead to God’s bank vault.  But when I read the chapter about the division of sheep and goats, about “doing it unto the least of these,” I see the hungry, the thirsty, the poor, the stranger, the naked, the needy, the sick, the imprisoned.   I see individual faces.  I see my Savior.

I don’t know about you.  Maybe you are more discerning.  Maybe you can tell the difference between the face of Jesus Christ and the face of a scammer out to “dupe” you, but I can’t.  Last week I “did lunch” with Jesus.  What a humbling experience.   There’s no pride in “Look what I’ve done, but, wow!  I dined with the King of Kings and Lord of Lords!  I can’t wait until our next lunch date!

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