Dancing in the Sunlight

You are not your car; you are not your house; you are not your bank account; you are not your 401K.  You are not your failures; you are not your problems; you are not your disappointments.  You are the toe-headed five-year-old girl who danced in the sunlight.  You are the copper-headed, freckle-faced boy who imagined sailing ships and giant leviathan in the clouds.  You are the dreamer who believed you could change the world.  When God smiles at you, that’s the you He sees, whether you’re nine or ninety-nine.

While children’s first words are usually “Daddy” and “Mama,” they quickly graduate to “I can do it myself!”  Whether it be tying one’s own shoe laces or untangling an impossibly humongous stack of bills, it takes a lifetime for people to discover they can’t do it by themselves.

A story was told of a young man who wanted to plant a vegetable garden behind his parents’ home.  His father warned him of the number of rocks hidden beneath the surface.  “No problem,” the boy said, “I can handle it.”  Day after day he dug up rocks only to find more and more rocks at each level.  After a week the boy admitted to his dad that all he’d managed to do was construct a huge pile of rocks.  “I’ve done everything to remove all the rocks. I don’t know what else to do.”

His dad smiled.  “There is one more thing you can do.”

“What?” the discouraged boy asked.

“Ask for my help.  Together, and with the help of our garden tractor and plow, we can make short work of those rocks.”   Pride had kept the son from asking for his father’s help.  Pride is what makes even the smallest of children declare, “I can do it myself!”

Growing older is all about growing younger, learning to shed one’s disappointments, troubles and mistakes by turning them over to Daddy-God before the “shoelaces” are tied up in knots.  We learn to say, “I can do it myself!”  But Jesus said, “Let the little children come to Me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these.”  Matthew 18:14 NIV

As eager as I was to grow up, I have fond memories of being a kid.  I loved playing ballerina on the lawn; playing bride with my paper dolls on the front porch; dreaming of driving to California at the wheel of my daddy’s broken-down car.  OK, so I won’t ever do a pirouette in a tutu for a live audience; and I am so grateful my romance with Richard is beyond the bride and groom stage; and living in California is everything I dreamed it might be.  Even though the problems in my life are much bigger than I imagined at age ten, I can still dance in the sunlight of God’s love and dream big dreams because I’ve chosen to trust my Daddy-God to work wonders in my life every day.  I can eagerly anticipate each problem with, “So how are You gonna help me fix this one, Daddy?”

“I can do all things through Christ which strengthens me.” Philippians 4:13.  I can still dance in the sunlight.  I can imagine high expectations and spectacular dreams, the biggest being a guaranteed place as one of the little children in God’s incredible, unimaginable kingdom.  Come dream a big dream today and dance in the sunlight with me.

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