Personally, I am anti-gravity!  So many times I’ve tried to defy it and failed!  The worst attempt would be when I was riding my bike (Doctor’s orders!), tried to avoid a speed bump in the road, and hit the curb with my front tire.  Gravity worked.  Suddenly I found myself airborne, my life in slow motion until my head, shoulder and left knee connected with the concrete surface of the neighbor’s driveway.  Not fun!  There was no turning back; no pause or reverse button as on my TV.  Beyond a concussion, monstrous black eye, bruised cheek, dislocated shoulder and permanently damaged left knee, I survived, a bit wiser, to ride another day.  Today I am a firm believer of the law of gravity! I do everything I can to remain upright, on my feet, at all times!  :-)

Honestly, I really didn’t think much about gravity until I did my major face plant on concrete.  The same was true about my knowledge of electricity when, as a child, I touched an electrified fence.  Instantly, I developed a genuine respect when I landed on my “keester” as a result.  With both the laws of electricity and the law of gravity,  one I knew about and one I didn’t, I learned first hand, very real eternal principles that produced painful results I could not ignore.

Makes me wonder, could similar laws of nature be true of the threat of Global Warming, or as it is currently labeled, Climate Change?  Are we failing to take Mother Nature’s warnings signs seriously? Hmm, are we waiting until the damage is done and there’s no turning back?  Are humans being presumptuous that God will intervene and protect us from our foolishness?  Or will we learn the hard way, like I did, and like the Children of Israel did so many times in God’s Word?  I don’t know.  I’m just wondering…

Right or wrong, everyone has an opinion on the subject, and that’s good.  Even scientists don’t agree. But please don’t trivialize my concern.   Instead, wonder with me for a moment, what does God mean when He says in Revelation 11:18 b, “I will destroy those who destroy the earth.”  Now that’s something about which to wonder!


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