I Hear Your Whisper

An ad on TV once claimed, “If you want someone to hear you, whisper.”  A favorite C.S. Lewis quote of mine is, “God whispers to us in our pleasures;  He speaks to us in our conscience; He shouts at us through our pain.”  Tonight, I hear a lot of heavenly whispers and I feel so grateful.

Upon returning from visiting our daughter and her family, I felt sorry for myself, that Richard and I were missing so much of our grandsons’ lives.  When I gave the Enemy an inch of self-pity, he bombarded me with bombs of ingratitude.  For a moment, he made me believe God wasn’t coming through for me.  After trying so hard, I’ve failed to lose weight! I can’t sell enough e-books of FLEE THE TIGER to save for a down payment on a house near my grandkids.  I was stuck–4 hours away!

“Surely You know, Lord, that these issues are important to me,” I cried,  “You say you want to give me the desire of my heart.  Why don’t You help me?”  Metaphorically, I stomped my feet, shook my curls and pouted.

I sank onto my sofa, curled into a fetal ball and buried my head in a pillow.  As the cozy comfort of my secure, little home engulf’ed me, I heard my husband returning from the grocery store;  I heard my younger daughter’s praising God over the radio; I played my elder daughter’s newest CD.  I wandered into my office and smiled at my grandsons’ precious framed art work and the post-it note heart that says, “I [heart] U, Grandma.”

I received a just-because phone call from my sister; an e-mail from a faithful friend; a word bouquet from a fan. And then, I recall how sick I was two years ago, how well I am today–whispers of blessings and voices of conscience.   And then the real blessings surface in my brain, my greatest desires already mine.  I recall the incredible sacrifice Jesus made for me; His continual grace and mercy lavished on me every single day of my life.  And in the quiet of the morning, I fall to my knees and weep, begging His forgiveness, which He grants willingly.  All He ever wants is for me to remember how much He loves me.  “Thanks, Lord for, despite my attitude, You are still whispering through my pleasures; speaking to me in my conscience, and do not need to shout at me through my pain.”

“Remember the wonders He has done, His miracles… Give thank to the Lord for He is good.” I Chronicles 6:12, 34 NIV   Do you mind, Lord, if I shout my gratitude for all to hear?

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