Try Something New

As anyone eligible for senior discounts will tell you, “Getting old is the pits!”  Believe it or not, there are a few benefits to aging:  1.You don’ t have to try as hard to impress others, only yourself.  You have nothing to prove.  2. Age is a great excuse for not doing something you really didn’t want to do in the first place–like riding on a scary roller coaster with your elder grandson.  3. The race for wealth, fame and fortune no longer controls you.  You’ve learned to “smell the roses” along the way.

On the flip side (oops! That metaphor shows my age, huh?): When you decide you want to try something new, you surprise everyone, including yourself.  Richard and I recently made a u-tube trailer for my book REBECCA’S CROSSING.  We had so much fun doing it, we made another for our e-book on, FLEE THE TIGER.  Who says you can’t teach an 0ld dog new tricks?

It was Jesus who said, “Neither do men pour new wine in old wineskins…” (Matthew 9:17 NIV)  Maybe the definition of  “old” should be considered.  I remember when the youth were warned not to trust anyone over 30. And then the proponents of this philosophy passed thirty…   The age of an old man [woman] in Jesus’ day was 40.  Today, I see 70-80 year olds as “spring chickens.”  As for me, while I can’t twirl on the lawn with Patty, my childhood friend; and I don’t do cartwheels or dive off the high dive;  I am only as old as I allow myself to feel today.  Maybe an active, curious mind and a caring heart determine one’s age more than hardened arteries or lumbago.

Go ahead, try something new; go somewhere you’ve never been; taste something you’ve never tasted; take a dance class or a pottery class at your local community center; or watch a PBS or National Geographic program on your TV.  Don’t let some number control you.  Exercise those synapses in your brain today.  Or better yet, go to u-tube and watch the two trailers mentioned above Take my double-dare and embark on a new project that will force you out of your comfortable cubby into an entirely new and exciting world.

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