Ideas for Spicing Up Your Love Life

A few days ago I asked my friends to contribute ideas of how Richard and I could celebrate the 50th. anniversary of our first date.  So many of you responded with great possibilities.  But due to the shortage of time preparation and having to be out of town for the previous week we couldn’t try out most of the more adventurous ideas.  We did eat at a great restaurant that Siri found for us.  Here are a few ideas I am filing away to use for future birthdays, special events and just-because dates.  I especially liked:

a hot-air balloon ride; recreate the conditions to our first date; a zany photo shoot (using cell phones) and doing crazy things–around town or in the mall (Make it a challenge-pix of -hubby visiting Victoria’s Secret, of wife posing with tires in an auto shop);  plan and execute a creative date where spouse must drive about town picking up parts of a meal (that you left for them hours earlier) and end  in a romantic picnic spot complete with candles and a fancy table cloth;  borrow favorite old DVD’s from library and watch them in the dark while snuggling on the sofa and eating popcorn; purchase a take-out dinner to eat at home on china by candlelight–after dinner dance to your favorite love songs;  play a board or card game by candlelight, “modifying” the rules for the occasion; take a moonlight walk under the stars and recall your years together or enumerate the things you love about each another; for a romantic interlude, greet your spouse at the door wearing only thong socks; visit a nursing home and ask several clients to share their love stories;  collect fliers advertising fun vacation spots from AAA and plan a vacation together (Doesn’t cost anything to dream!); take a boat ride in the moonlight; read aloud to one another from the Song of Solomon.

Lest you think a Christian blog is not the place for such racy ideas, a Christian marriage counselor once said, “Making love is the grease that keeps the marriage machine running smoothly.” Another wise man wrote, “You have stolen my heart… with one glance from your eyes…How delightful is your love my sister, my bride. How much more pleasing is your love than wine.”  Song of Solomon 4:9-11

For those couples anticipating marriage, find creative ways to put spice in your relationship.   For those not married, God promises to be your spouse so think of ways some of the above suggestions might spice up your prayer life.

*If I failed to include your suggestion , I’m truly sorry.  I probably misplaced it on facebook.  I am technically challenged, remember?

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