The Groom of My Youth

Fifty years ago Sunday, February 12, at AUC, Richard took a dare and asked me on a date, our first.   Every year since we’ve celebrated that evening, almost more than we’ve celebrated Valentine’s Day on the 14th.  We had a great time together and at the end of an evening at Machlan Auditorium, he walked me back to my dorm.  Snowbanks lined the ice-coated sidewalks. I don’t know what we were chatting about but, without warning, Richard shoved me into the nearest snowbank.  Before he could interpret my reaction, he found himself sitting in the opposite bank.  (Later he said he wanted to discover if I had spunk.)

The rest is history.  Sometimes in the fifty years hence I think he wishes I didn’t have quite so much spunk.  True love is like fine wine and quality chefs, both get better with age.  And yes, as one greeting card said, “Marriage is like a toilet seat, it has it’s ups and downs.”  For us, most of our years together have been “ups.”

When i think of Richard,  I think of Proverbs 5: 18,19 Message paraphrase:  “Enjoy the wife [husband] you married as a young man [woman]…  Never take her [his] love for granted.”

As we approach the 50th. anniversary of our first date, I am at a loss for something to do for him that I haven’t done so many years previously, a place to take him, a unique gift to give him, an experience to share… Any ideas loyal readers?  (Don’t suggest chocolate-coated strawberries–did that last year.  Yum! And forget about sky-diving, bungie jumping or zip lining.  He’d never agree to those adventures.)  Come on, friends, be creative!   Give me some fresh ideas.

I’ll make a deal with you.  If I choose your suggestion, I will not only write about our adventure in a blog but I will send you a copy of my newest book, REBECCA’S CROSSING as a thank you.  Feel free to contact me either by my blog, my website, my e-mail ( , by twitter or on pinterest.  Look forward to hearing from you.

Incredible Joy!


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