Attention Political Junkies (Like Me)

Scurrilous slurs, outright lies, nasty rumors, slip-of-the-tongue innuendoes, wild-eyed tales of deceit and evil–decapitate your brother because you disagree with his point-of-view.  Yes, it’s that time again to wallow in the slime and noxious sludge with the propaganda pond feeders.  “Sigh!  Sigh!”  Alas the e-mails of hate have already begun to clog my daily computer files.  Thank God for the “delete” button!

“But, shouldn’t we be involved in our government?  I care what Washington does or does not do,”  You may ask.  I do too.  That’s why I choose to faithfully cast my vote, regardless of the TV ads posted by faceless super-pacs who spend super bucks to buy super favors from the candidates.

Beyond my vote, I choose to follow Paul’s advice, not the opinions of a TV pundit who may or may not know as little or much about the situation as I do.   The Message paraphrase puts Philippians 4:9-13 this way.   “Don’t fret or worry.  Instead of worrying, pray.  Let petitions and praises shape your worries into prayers, letting God know your concerns… Fill your minds with… the best and not the worst; the beautiful, not the ugly; things to praise, not to curse… Do that and God makes everything work together, will work you into His most excellent harmonies.”  Excellent harmonies–I like that.

You may say, “But I can’t keep quiet when I believe something’s wrong.  What if…”  (For the Christian, there’s a wide chasm between debating issues and maligning a character.)  So stop fretting about things you can’t change.  Oswald Chambers in My Utmost for His Highest, said, “All fret and worry comes from calculating without God.”  Ouch!  Would I really want to calculate anything in my life without God?  Do I discredit the name of a fellow Christian, howbeit a political candidate, in order to “make my point,” or to demonstrate my superior grasp on the issues of the day? Do I smear the reputation of my brother because I “think” I know better how to run the government?   Face it!  No one can govern America without God–no one.  Prayer, not fretting and worry, is the answer for you, for me, and currently, for President Obama.

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