Old Sol Tweeting?

Sorry old Sol (King Solomon).  For all your wisdom, if you were recording your Ecclesiastical thoughts today you couldn’t have penned, “There’s nothing new on this earth.  Year after year its the same old thing…”  Ecclesiastes 1:9 Message paraphrase. You would have tweeted it.

I admit I am techno-challenged.  Twenty some years ago I attempted to become computer literate.  Our first machine, a Commodore 64 swallowed into cyberspace a three-act play I’d almost finished writing–at 3 a.m..  Since my arthritic fingers touched that first keyboard, smaller but better machines have graced my desktop, each bringing new challenges and “delightful” adventures in writing. And just as I learn enjoy the sweetness of my latest Apple, I must upgrade something, somewhere.

To keep in touch with friends and family I learned to send and receive e-mails.  Fun, except for the barrage of messages from “someone who is waiting to meet me” or the daily get-rich-quick notices.  To advance my writing credentials, I developed a web page (kayrizzo.com).  And then I was advised to begin blogging.  (Whoever coined that term?  Sounds like I’m clearing my throat… )  Surprise! Once I got the hang of it, I enjoyed blogging.

With my new communication skill developed, I thought I’d successfully conquered the latest communication technique.  Nope.  To stay current in cyberspace, I need to enter the world of  twitter! (kdrizzo12) Hey, does tweeting on twitter make me a twit?  Maybe once I get the hang of it, I will enjoy tweeting too.  And I can’t forget text messaging and hearing the slightly sarcastic voice of pretty little Siri.

Solomon would have loved tweeting his proverbial pearls of wisdom to his followers through out his kingdom.   His book of Ecclesiastes would be for sale on Amazon.com as well.  He might even self-publish as I recently did my WWII Christian novel, FLEE THE TIGER–another exciting undertaking!

My newest adventure in the world of modern technology is making i-movies to post on youtube for my books–me, a movie mogul?   (Enjoy REBECCA’S CROSSING on youtube and in a few weeks one for FLEE THE TIGER.)  When I told my 10-year-old grandson I was considering taking college classes in film making, he said No, Grandma, you’re too old to go back to college.”

So you see, old Sol, there’s a myriad of new “stuff” to tweak your curiosity.  And the best is yet to come!  In Revelation 21:3 John wrote, “Behold I will make all things new. And He said to me, Write, for these words are true and faithful.”

All things new!  How many more new things will I learn before He returns?  I haven’t clue, but if God says write, I will continue to write all things in whatever new, exciting and complicated style He reveals for me.  So how about you?  Intimidated by all the technological advances in communication?  The quill and papyrus pad won’t touch the hearts of God’s children today.  I am sure old Sol would be tweeting if he were alive today.  So be brave! Embrace something new.  Make a twit of yourself.  Write a tweet or two for God.


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