The Human Ladder

John and several other passengers aboard the fated cruise ship scrambled out of their staterooms onto the deck and found they were one floor up from the nearest lifeboats.  As the ship listed further they knew they couldn’t go back inside.  How could they make it safely to the lifeboat one floor down without falling into the drink?  Nineteen-year old John glanced at his terrified fellow passengers, several too old to shimmy down the side of the ship to the lower deck.

It was then the 6’5″ lad volunteered to become a human ladder. Most likely several of the frightened passengers tried to dissuade him.  But they could see no other way to survive.  It was worth a try.  So one by one the passengers clung to the boy’s suspended body as they slid down the side of the ship.  After the last man’s feet touched the deck, willing hands drew John to safety as well.

When I heard this story on KLOVE the other day, I thought, “What a perfect metaphor for what Jesus did for us.  The young man chose to become a human ladder to save the lives of strangers.  Jesus’s body became a ladder between heaven and earth, between a perfect God and man alienated by sin.”   The simple illustration falls apart at this point.  The nineteen-year-old used his body to save the lives of others.  The thirty-three-year-old Jesus willingly gave up His life by dying on the cross to save you and me. While the young man’s body provided a way for people to climb down to safety, Jesus made a way to lift sinners up to paradise. So when Jesus says, “I am the Way, the Truth and the Life,” He means it.  (John 14:6 KJV)

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