Glorifying God-2

I don’t know what the hierarchy  in the God-head is.  Maybe there all equal. And I can’t completely identify each of their tasks.  To simplify, I believe God, the Father, runs the Universe;  God, the Son, died for my sins so I can live forever in paradise; and God, the Spirit, takes care of the operational portion of my life.  (Feel free to correct me if I’m wrong.)

But God, the Son, is my best Friend.  I like that.  Everyone needs a friend who “stick’s closer than a brother.”  But He is also described as my “brother.” These are all cherished metaphors for my Savior.  Perhaps, the metaphor I treasure, the one that excites me the most is visualizing Jesus as my Lover, or for those who prefer a less “earthy” description, my Beloved.  I believe this relationship can knock your socks off, if given a chance.

If Christ declares in Isaiah 54:5 that He is my husband, and all of the Song of Solomon is dedicated to His love for me, I must shed a few of my Puritanical inhibitions in order to accept and appreciate His love-making.  (Did you know that in ancient Israel, a young man wasn’t allowed to read this book until after he married or after his 25th. birthday?)

If you tuned into my blogs early-on you know that I sing secular love songs to Jesus on a regular basis.  “You are so beautiful to me…”  “I-I-I will always love you-o-o…”  “Love me tender; love me true…”

I have been blessed with an attentive, compassionate hubby who tries (sometimes in excess) to anticipate my every need or whim.  So picturing the Son of God as my lover is easy to do.  Bu tif this is not your story, surely there are enough images of the ideal sweethearts around for you to envision Jesus as your Perfect Lover.  And if you still have difficulties, here’s an assignment:  ask the Holy Spirit to open your mind and help you apply the imagery in the Song of Songs to your life.  Read it aloud.  And in the process, I promise that making love to your Beloved will knock your socks off and revolutionize your life.

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