Christmas Pickles, et. al.

I love Christmas, and everything that goes with it–the lights, the candles, the bells, the cards and emails, homemade fudge, the carols, shopping, even plastic Santas on my neighbor’s lawn and “Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree,”blaring from LOUD speakers at strip malls–everything.  I especially enjoy learning about traditions from various cultures.  For instance, did you know in old Italy, on Christmas eve, mama would measure the width of the mouth of the smallest child to determine how wide to make her lasagna noodle?

Or how about the pickle tradition?  Believe it or not, since 1930, Christmas trees in Berrien County, Michigan have sported glass blown dill or gherkin pickle ornaments.  Their holiday festivities include a parade led by the “Grand Dillmaster.”  They hold “pickle tasting” along with wine tastings of local vintage.  At the festival museum in the 1839 Courthouse, there is a Christmas village populated by elves harvesting hand-blown glass sweets and gherkins from evergreen bows.

A Cuban friend of mine tells about decorating one small, secluded space for Christmas so as not to be arrested by the government for celebrating the Christian holiday when she was young.  For many of our Christian brothers and sisters not much has changed.  The number of Christian believers in Iraq is one half of what it was before the war, so many have been killed or fled to safer countries.  Somalia, Syria, Egypt…and the list goes on…  So today, I am rejoicing for all the Christmas trappings I see, hear, smell and taste–in total freedom.  I am even rejoicing for the right to shout either Merry Christmas or Happy Holidays to my neighbors.  My choice.

I got to thinking, will we observe Christ’s birth in heaven?  Will I join the angel choir in a robust rendition of the “Hallelujah Chorus?”  Will we (dare I say it?) rock around the Tree of Life, shouting our praises?  How many of the redeemed will celebrate their very first Christmas in heaven–totally free to sing, dance, skip, leap and wear tinsel in their hair?

While we share our holiday joy tonight and tomorrow let’s send up a special prayer for those who must rejoice over the birth of their Savior in silence. “Glory to God in the highest, and on earth, peace good will toward men.  Luke 2:14 KJV.

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