It Happened Again!

Trapped in mid-day traffic!  Cars, trucks, vans and buses zig-zagging from lane to lane.  Horns honking.  Drivers gesturing in “good will” or accelerating to beat changing street lights.  That’s where I found myself a few hours ago.  Frazzled from the same congestion I as I encounterred in a department store, I turned on my car radio to calm down.

And that’s when it happened–again.  The profound words of the contemporary Christian song filled my vehicle.  “I Can Only Imagine”  A cooling breeze drifted through my Honda, not via the air vents or an open window, but through the power of the Holy Spirit,  The tangle of traffic disappeared; horns stopped beeping; my frustration melted away.  My eyes filled with tears as my heart and mind transcended into a very precious future moment when my Jesus will come to take me home with Him.  And as the song indicates, I wondered what will I do?  Will I dance?  Shout?  Sing? Fall to my face?  Of course, I can only imagine.

Never underestimate the power of of the Holy Spirit to change you through Christian radio. Can you imagine how the Apostle John would have described the Holy Spirit coming through the magic of modern technology?  John 3:8 NIV speaks of the wind “blows wherever it will…so it is with everyone born of the Spirit.”

I thank You, Lord Jesus, that it happened again.  Keep it up.

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