A Birthday Blessing

For some time, I feared being a mother was a privilege that would never be mine.  But alas, God granted me the pain and the joy of birthing and raising 2 daughters.  But 14 years ago today I received an incredible God-gift, my first grandchild, a blessing that would bring unbelievable joy into my heart.  Jarod was the first of two grandsons–both uniquely distinctive from one another and precious.   Up to that point I hadn’t a clue just how much I’d enjoy being a grandparent.

Happy Birthday Jarod.  When you were a toddler,  you”baptized” a stuffed animal in the cat’s water bowl.  Maybe he’ll be a preacher, I thought.  When you fell in love with snakes, I thought, he’ll become an herpetologist.  When your interests shifted to roller coasters, and then to computers, I thought, He’ll make a fine engineer some day.  While I can’t predict what road you will choose to walk, any pathway is fine with me as long as your life is grounded in Jesus.   My advice to you today is, “Be happy , young man, while you are young, and let your heart give joy in the days of your youth.”  Proverbs 11:9 NIV

If all of my grandparent friends are right about how incredibly handsome, bright and talented their grandchildren are, the next generation is going to revolutionize our world! And for those blessed with the presence of a grandchild in their lives or they dream of their arrival, Proverbs 10:28 NIV says.  “The prospect of the righteous is joy.”  So enjoy those unexpectedly beautiful gifts God has placed in your life.  Pray for them.  Laugh!  Sing! Rejoice in them.

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