Without Wax

The hidden motive and secret agendas of politicians frustrate me.  I admit I am a conspiratist.  It seems nobody does anything for altruistic reasons anymore.  No long the naive teeny bopper idealist of years gone by, I see graft, greed and quackery lurking behind every candidate’s cheesy grin and vehement denial of wrong doing.

The same must have been true in the politically volatile world of Jesus’ day.  Pharisees, Saducees, Zealots, anarchists of every hue tramped the dusty streets of the Roman-controlled world.   The disciples’  cynicism must also have been evident for Jesus to point out in John 1:47 that Nathaniel was “an Israelite in whom there is no guile.”  The man had no hidden agenda, no ulterior motives.  What you saw is what you got.  The only other One said to be “without guile” was the Son of God.  Pretty good company, huh?

The dictionary defines “guile” as being clever or crafty, devious, deceitful.  Some etymologist somewhere (I can’t find where.) claimed the word comes from a practice by ancient Roman artisans who carved statues out of marble.  To cover up an accidental knick in a partially completed statue, devious artists would fill the knick with wax and blend it into the final masterpiece.  The innocent customer couldn’t detect the fraud until the hot, Mediterranean sunshine melted the wax and exposed the artist’s gaping error. Interestingly, “without guile” literally means “without wax.”

“Dear Father,  please help me not to be like the Roman artisans and try to hide my ugly gashes and scars with my own formula of “wax” that melts in the glaring light of day.  As good as I might look on the outside, You and I both can detect the cover-up.  Fortunately I have an advantage over scarred marble.  I can be made new.  Heal me.  Make me whole, totally guileless, without a trace of “wax.  Amen.”

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    Not writing for money, but thanks for the suggestion.

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