Another Lance Armstrong?

For weeks before his eighth birthday the boy begged his mother for his very own two-wheeler.  “It’s all I want, Mama, just a two-wheeled bike.”  He might have added, “Red would be nice.”

On his birthday, the child awoke to find a strange shaped box waiting for him instead of the hoped-for bicycle.  Hiding his disappointment, he picked up the guitar from inside the package, and strummed his fingers across the strings.

The rest is history.  I wonder, if he’d received his two-wheeler instead of the guitar, would he have become a Tour de France winner?  Would his destiny have changed?   No one knows, not even Mama.  But the boy and his birthday gift changed his world.  Long after he’d forgotten about his childhood disappointment,  Elvis Presley discovered that “Sorrow can be turned to joy…” Job 41:22b KJV.

That’s a lesson I need to remember, that every disappointment can become a blessing if I allow it to be so, especially in the hands of my Daddy-God.

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