Give a Hoot

Imagine standing in your back yard each evening and hooting like an owl.  *Bird lover Neil Simons of Devon, England couldn’t believe his ears when one night he received a reply.  Excited, he hooted again; and again, heard a like reply.   For more than a year Neil kept a log of his nightly conversations with the elusive creature.  He  believed he was on the verge of discovering a link to interspecies communication.  As he prepared his findings for the local Ornithological Society, his wife complained about his nightly absence to her next-door neighbor Wendy Cornes.

“My husband spends every night here in the garden calling out to owls!”

Wendy replied, “That’s odd.  So does my Fred.”  And then it dawned on them… Poor Mr. Simon!  After more than a year of hooting at his neighbor, his dream of fame vanished in the cool, light of day.

“There is a way that seems right to a man, but in the end leads to death.”  Proverbs 16:25 NIV.  Fortunately Mr. Simon’s disappointment didn’t lead to the death of anything beyond his faulty premise, his untested hypothesis, his carefully documented notion.

My head is full of notions, false premises and imagined hypotheses.  The older I get the more I realize how little I actually know.  In this world of deceit and delusion, the truth is as elusive as a droplet of mercury on a slick tabletop.  However, in His Word, the Creator gives me every tool I need to separate His important eternal Truths from man’s fiction, however logical it may seem at the time.

*”The Edge,” Portland Oregonian Advisor August 29, 1997.

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