Welcome to My World, Siri

Have you met Siri yet?  She’s a unique feature on Apple’s iPhone 4S.  Her quirky and clever “personality” fascinates folks enough that they will stand in a long line outside an Apple store for forty-five plus minutes on a Sunday afternoon just to acquire her.  I’m told Seri can carry on an intelligent conversation with the owner of the phone.   If you are locked out of your house, she will tell you where the three closest locksmith shops are to your home.  While still at the office, you can tell her to remind you to feed the dog when you get home, and she will.  And she’s not even a living breathing person.

But, as talented and vivacious as she might be, poor Siri doesn’t hold the honor of being the first wireless conversation recorded in history.  Can you guess who did?  If you say Thomas Edison or Alexander Graham Bell in the 1880’s you’d be wrong.  (Both men did invent the first human designed wireless conversation tools–one with a photo phone and the other with signals along the Lehigh Valley Railroad.

But to discover the earliest of wireless communication, go back 6000 years to when the first woman and man lost their face-to-face communication with their Creator.  Loving them too much to wash His hands of them, their Father established the first wireless communication–prayer.  Better yet, in Isaiah 65:24 NIV it says, “Before they call, I will answer; while they are yet speaking, I will hear.”  Now that’s quite the wireless set up–responding to thoughts and words not yet spoken.

And it’s still functioning today without the need for fancy upgrades and repairs.  The only breakdowns happen at our end, not His.  And then He’ll work furiously to reestablish that connection with us.  What a marvelous God.

Welcome to my world, Siri.  Don’t feel badly, my dear,  you are a truly incredible invention, but you do have your limitations.


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