To B with Love

Due to painful experiences in her past, a friend of mine, finds it hard to believe anyone truly loves her.  B. isn’t sure she even knows what love is.  As I contemplated her questions, I began to wonder if I could define love as a noun.  I know how to love as a verb, but as a noun?

Poets and lyricists, artists and romantics have described love as a fruit, a flame, a ring of fire, a game, a jewel, a star, a rose, a river, a disease, even as a cigar and a banana peel.  No wonder B. and I, and society in general are confused!  Over the years I’ve learned when in doubt go back to the Source.  1 John 4:8 Message, says, “God is love…” God and Love are synonymous, one and the same.

This revelation changes how I read the love chapter, 1 Corinthians 13.  By replacing the word love (or if reading the KIV charity) with the mane of God, or as I like to call Him, Daddy-God, I discovered several new and exciting facets of my Creator’s character and personality–like holding up a prism to sunlight.  By reading the chapter from different versions of the Bible my brain goes into overdrive with the changing variety of concepts.  I like to end my God-led adventure with the Message paraphrase.

Hey, give it a try.  See where the Word and the Holy Spirit takes you this weekend.  Go ahead.  Kick back; have some fun uncovering unique and provocative “colors” in God’s prism of Love.

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