Mama Said there’d be Days Like This

Yesterday when I sat down to write, my creativity totally stalled out.  I’d gotten enough sleep; been eating right; exercised, but the machine simply shut down due to a nagging ache from a pain-numbing shot I’d received at the dentist office.

I read my favorite scriptures hoping to find an idea for a blog, but nothing came.  I tried to prepare a presentation for an upcoming women’s retreat–blank!  I dinked around with a personal bio I needed to compose for my new web page, but the results were less than stellar.  I considered pulling weeds in my garden, painting a picture, taking a walk, organizing my kitchen cupboards, but ended up snoozing on the sofa.  (And while my boss can be a tyrant at times, I can occasionally get away with that because she takes orders from me–I’m self-employed)

Do you have days when you feel totally out of sorts with your life; when nothing pleases you; when your future looks bleak; when your usual joi-de-vivre has taken a “French leave?”  (If you haven’t I’d like to know what pills you’re popping or what elixir you’re adding to your drinking water.)

Mama said there’d be days like this, so did the Apostle Paul.           2 Corinthians 4:15,16. NIV  says, “…all this is for your benefit…do not lose heart.  Though outwardly [you] are wasting away, yet inwardly [you] are being renewed day by day… fix [your]  eyes not on what is seen but on what is not seen.”  

Whatever the problem, it’s temporary.  I vegetate today; but tomorrow I will become the Energizer Bunny.   I am so glad that my every mood swing is an opportunity for God to work in and through me to glorify His Holy Name–if I allow Him to do so.




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