Seconds Anyone?

Here’s an unusual twist on the belief that after eating a Chinese meal one will be hungry again within the hour.   A Chinese restaurant in Stansted, England sued a customer for eating their potted plants.  The man claimed that the aromas from the kitchen made him so hungry as he waited for his order, he  ripped off and ate every leaf on the decorative plant in the restaurant.  In the resulting court cost, his indulgent salad cost him $700.00*

Sound like the guy was mighty hungry, don’t you think?  I can be assured that no one will sue me when instead of philodendron leaves, I greedily wolf down righteousness as found in God’s Word.  In Matthew 5:6 Message paraphrase, Jesus said“You are blessed [happy] when you work up a good appetite for God.  He’s food and drink in the best meal you’ll ever have.”  Seconds anyone?

*Uncle John’s Gigantic Bathroom Reader page 39.

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