Reticular Activator

Gals, remember when you learned you were pregnant and suddenly you saw pregnant women were everywhere?  Or guys, after you bought a new car  you began seeing the same car wherever you went?  (We have a dark green Honda.  Does that explain it?)

There’s a small part of your brain that triggers that phenomenon.  It’s called the reticular activator.  Kindness works much the same way.  When you take the time to be kind to someone, you will begin to notice other acts of kindness occurring around you, which in turn will encourage you to commit another such random act of love and kindness.  Whether or not this chain of good deeds is triggered by the reticular activator or not, I don’t know, but kindness begets kindness.

A college professor in Bakersfield, California encouraged his students to commit “random acts of kindness.”  A few years back a movie called “Pay It Forward,” did the same.   One good turn prompts another.  It’s not brain surgery.  However you cut it, “By beholding you do become changed.”


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