Deep Sea Diving with Demons

Last night I went deep sea diving without the benefit of scuba gear, an oxygen tank, or a wet suit.  My tee shirt nightie, my comfy pillow and perhaps a late night snack were the only diving equipment I needed–those and a few pesky demons lurking in the recesses of my in-house computer.  When I emerged from my excursion to Davy Jones’ locker, I was covered with the remains of dead fish, oily sludge, and slimy oceanic refuse.  And those diving buddies of mine, those pesky demons, laughed as I tried to wash away the filthy memory.

My dream last night forced me to relive a dark sin long since forgotten, from which I awakened with a heavy sense of shame and guilt.  I’ve heard it said that the majority of problems faced by patients being teated for mental disorders are based on feelings of guilt.

After deep sea diving with demons last night, I can understand that. Those invisible spirits of darkness were intent on stealing my peace and my joy.  Without the certainty that my sins are forgiven by God and cast into the depths of the sea to be remembered no more would quickly drive me bananas. vWhen I awakened enough to put the dream into perspective, I did the only thing a child of God could do.

Knowing God is God and He keeps His word, not because He finds me worthy but because He is Worthy, I chose to ask the Holy Spirit to wash away the filthy sludge of that dream and restore once again the peace and joy the Father has said is mine.

“Cast all your anxiety upon Him for He cares for you.” 1 Peter 5:7


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