The Fizz Factor

The “fizz factor” gets me every time.  When I pour carbonated drink into a glass of ice, I forget to account for the fizz.  The result is soda runs down the sides of the container onto my placemat, onto the table, and onto all those seated closest to me, as messy as that may be.  And I never learn.  I do it again and again.

When I ask God to fill me with His love, He fails to account for the “fizz factor” either.  He keeps on “pouring it on” until His gifts spill into the lives of everyone around me.  It is this  “spilling out quality,” as Eugene Peterson, the author of the Message paraphrase, calls it, that accounts for my joy.  Joy is living life in God’s excess.  The inevitable overflow cannot be contained by any one person.

While this process can get messy, it’s never boring!   Forgetting the fizz factor when loving others will add adventure and sparkle to your life, I promise. In Philippians 1:9, the Apostle Paul wrote,  “So this is my prayer: that your love will flourish and that you will not only love much but well. ”

Today I’m going to forget the “fizz factor.” I’m going to let my life get a little messy and share God’s excessive love with everyone I meet.  How about you?

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