Love Messages from God

Today I had a change in plans.  As I prepared to swim laps at the Lifestyle Center, I eagerly anticipated the special time I’d have to spend with my Eternal One.  What new insights would I learn as we loved on each other?  What message would the Holy Spirit give me for today’s blog?

I’d barely squeezed into my swimsuit when the first interruption occurred.  A lady who knows I write Christian books wanted to chat about my ministry. And so we chatted for several minutes in the hot tub.  Determined to focus on Father God, I entered the lap pool to find another lady with whom I’ve become acquainted.  She wanted to talk.  As we walked the length of the pool together she told me about the two little boys she foster cares for in her home. She told me about the day by day struggles these children have with the simplest tasks in life.  At the end of our exercise time, my friend was replaced with another woman, and another.

The last chatty Cathy followed me into the hot tub to talk.  Later, as I stood in a shower with hot water caressing my tired shoulders, I felt  deprived.  “Sorry Lord, I guess we missed our time together today.”

And He replied, oh, so tenderly,  “Everyone should be quick to listen…”  (James 1:19) “As you have done it unto one of the least of these…”

Is it possible that what I thought of as trivial interruptions to my time with God actually contained the love messages He wished to give me today?



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