Judgement Day

This morning is a rehearsal for the Great Judgement Day or, at least, that’s how I feel whenever I go to get my teeth checked.  The dental hygienist stands over me with pick and mirror in hand inspecting the surface of each and every tooth.  And she doesn’t have to look too hard or too long.  The plaque is evident for all to see.

And if that isn’t enough she takes x-rays of the insides of my teeth as well!  There’s no escape, even my hidden sins are revealed.  The evidence is clear! “So how much soda do you drink?”  “How often do you floss?”  “Your gums look a little inflamed.”  “Are you using an electronic tooth brush?”

Sinner!  Sinner!  Sinner!  Frantic I look for a possible escape–any escape!  But there is no escape.  Here I sit without an excuse, waiting to hear the dreaded verdict:  “Kay, you need a root canal!”

Guilty, as charged!  I will have to suffer for my trespasses.  I can find no forgiveness for the Hershey bar I ate last Tuesday.  No advocate can defend me from the slice of cheesecake at the fancy little French restaurant.  No jury can declare me innocent for reasons of insanity for not flossing after every bite of food.  No mercy can be granted; no grace bestowed.

As a child, that’s the picture I had of the Great Judgment Day mentioned in the Word–my numerous sins on display for the entire universe to behold.  A non-feeling judge announcing the verdict; no advocate to  rescue me from the just punishment for my sins.

Actually there is little comparison to be made between a visit to the dentist and the Great Judgment Day.  I have no non-feeling judge.  He’s my Daddy who loves me despite my foibles.  I won’t be sitting in the judgment seat, but in the mercy seat.   I do not have a missing advocate.  My defender is my big brother Jesus who fights all of my battles and wins.   The jury box is filled with   my closest and most beloved family members and friends.  And while I was right about deserving a verdict of guilty, I stand clean and innocent as a new born baby, forgiven, my sins washed away by the blood of my Savior.  And those sins which demanded I suffer a “root canal?” Repaired by grace!

“But where sins abound, grace does much more abound.”  Romans 5:20  “My grace is sufficient for you…”  2 Corinthians 12:9


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