Smoochin’ on the Sofa

Smoochin’ on the sofa with my hubby is not the time for me to complain about the stopped-up drain in the shower or mention the weird noise my car is making at 60 m.p.h.    Smoochin’ on the sofa is my time to focus totally on him, his numerous attributes that I appreciate and my undying love for him.

So what does exercising three days a week have to do with smoochin’ on the sofa with Richard?  Everything.  I use my thirty minute working out in the pool as a time to smooch with God.  Yeah!  You read it right.  I decided God might appreciate a time I made love to Him without complaints or requests–just praising  and thanking Him for His place in my life.

I spend time praising Daddy God for His faithfulness and patience, et. al.  I then do several laps swimming side-by-side with my big Brother, Jesus, thanking Him of His sacrifice for me and for all the wonderful people in my life.   And last, I express my joy to the Holy Spirit for the sensuality He inspires in me; feeling the cool water rushing against my skin;  for the sunshine warming me,  for the constant flow of creativity He pours into me;  And for “dancing [with me] through fields of grace.”

Never fear, I’ll have dozens of requests and complaints to make throughout the day, but for thirty minutes, three times a week, I spend time smoochin’ on the sofa with my Creator.   Try it, you’ll love it.  (A perk: It also makes your workout more enjoyable!)

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  1. Brandy says:

    Apirocpatien for this information is over 9000-thank you!

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