Be Careful What You Wish for…

Be careful what you wish for…we’ve all said that but to truly experience it?  Yeah, we have.  Once Richard went for job interview at a beautiful place to live.  We both wanted him to get that job so badly.  LIke four-year-olds throwing temper tantrums we whined, kicked and fussed at God.  He granted our wish.  In less than a year the job had dissolved and we were desperate as to know what to do next.  Looking back, I view that experience as a monumental learning experience.

So when Kelli, Mark and the boys moved 4 hours away, Richard and my first instincts were, “Let’s sell and go.” But try as we might, nothing worked for us.  Remembering the past, this time we fought the urge to play the toddler game and prayed, “Thy will, dear Lord, not our will.  Your way, not ours.”

And then, the bottom fell out of the housing market! Houses that were selling for #350,000.00 dropped in value by more than $100,000.00.

God’s promise to grant us the desires of our hearts goes beyond our day by day whims to the inner core of our beings.  He truly KNOWS our hearts.  We would have lost our home!

Little by little, we’re coming to realize God’s wisdom is greater than ours.  And that we see life in brief snapshots while He views the entire video. Trusting His wisdom can save us a whole lot of pain!  So be careful what you wish for…


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