The Cherry of Top

In our family, birthdays can be weeklong events. This year’s birthday was one of the most delightful ever.  First, my grandsons came for a weekend visit.  Second, Richard and I dined with our “Rook” buddies at “Marie’s”.  Third, I chatted sith my daughters via phone.  Fourth, my stack of cards and e-mails and facebook messages were so numerous as to upset the government computer system! –truly a giant ice cream sundae birthday with everything on it!

Today, almost a week later, God placed the cherry on the top.  I spent the morning assembling business “outfits” from my closet that will be given to women going for job interviews.  This included everything from dresses and suits to appropriate jewelry, belts, and purses (which I rounded out at my neighborhood, Ross and Target!)   Not only did I regain extra room in my closet, but I had the thrill of carrying out Jesus’ commission for me at this point in my life.  And I had a blast doing it!

So if you’re bored and don’t know what to suggest as a birthday gift; and if you find yourself rich and increased with too many goods, look outside yourself.   Ask God to challenge you with a new way of celebrating being one year older.   But watch out!  You are in for the biggest treat ever!

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