Don’t Feel Like it!

So I don’t feel like blogging today.  I’m too tired!  My office is too hot!  I’m hungry!  I’m thirsty!  My mind is on more important issues.   I have a headache (or something).  I just don’t wanna’.   Even my “round-to-it” (as in I’ll do it when I get around to it) needs a battery charge.

Excuses!  Excuses!   My excuse-o-meter is in full operating mode.  Unfortunately, so is my guilt-o-meter.  When I don’t do what I’m suppose to do, I get an adrenalin surge of power, of independence.  But following that explosion of freedom, the needle on my excuse-o-meter inches up toward the guilty-as-charged range.  It’s not God loading on the guilt; it’s a self-inflicted condition.  I am my own worse taskmaster.

I’m so grateful Daddy God isn’t  like me.  Guilt or excuses are not incentives for Him to come to my aid.  He never counts the daisy petals, “I love her; I love her not!”  His love is constant.  And He promises, “Never will I leave [her]; never will I forsake [her].”  That’s never!!!  He’s unchangeable!  When He says, “Lo, I am with you always,”  that includes days like today.  Hey, you can’t beat that promise, can ya’?


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One Response to Don’t Feel Like it!

  1. Dan Kelly says:

    Never means never, even when perception tells me differently, He is still with me – regardless! Even though I scream, “Why have you left me alone!!?” He whispers back, “I’m right here!”

    Thanks, Kay.

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