It All Comes Out in the Wash

I spilled something on my favorite blouse the other day.  Milk, makeup, salsa, oil, I could only guess what it was.  Unfortunately I didn’t see the stains until days later when they had set in the fabric.  I feared my top would end up in the ragbag.

Since the tag said to hand wash the garment, I applied a thick layer of SHOUT, worked it into the fiber, rinsed the blouse in the sink and hung it out to dry.  This morning when I examined the top, the spots were gone!  So tonight I shout my praises of SHOUT!  Great stuff.

Sometimes the U.S. stalemate over the budget; the deficit; the debt ceiling; job losses; rising interest rates… (And the list goes on.) make me worry if our government will ever get things right again.  Like the stains on my favorite blouse, it seems hopeless.  But unlike the stains on my blouse, a squirt here a SHOUT there won’t change things.  Like most Americans I’m frustrated.

My mama used to say, “Don’t worry; it all comes out in the wash.”  Removing the spots and ironing out the wrinkles from something as big as the snafus in the United States government seems almost laughable, even for God.  But His Word tells me not to fret or worry.  He’s  has everything under control.  He’s not finished with us yet.  It will all come out in the wash.

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